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Rendez-vous - 22 juin 2010, Paris, Machines, around a paper proposed by François Bonnet dealing with 'les machines politiques aux Etats-Unis'.

Working papers -'Ferrovial and BAA', Portraits of firms specialised in hubs administration (ports and airports).

Rendez-vous - 4 mai 2010, Paris, What about the "Grand Paris" ?, with Yves Lion (architect), Philippe Subra (geopolitist) et Frédéric Gilli, chaired by Dominique Lorrain.

Working papers - 'The machines' a history of political machines in the USA by François Bonnet.

Working papers - 'Cochabamba, 1999-2000' et 'Azurix in Buenos-Aires, 1999-2001' two new episodes of the war on water by Bernard de Gouvello.

Working paper - 'Competition in water systems', is an analysis by Dominique Lorrain of how water provision is organized.

Publication - Paris, Metropole hors-les-murs, Aménager et Gouverner un Grand-Paris, Frederic Gilli et Jean-Marc Offner, Sciences Po Les Presses. Order


Most of human beings now live in cities. Economy, Housing, Justice or Environment become urban issues. This rise of urban matters changes political agendas and affects previous economic, spatial or institutional logics.

Sciences Po has developed an entire program on urban studies, Sciences Po Cities, with a research program, two masters and the Chaire Ville.

Sciences Po 'Chaire Ville' aims at three goals:

  • Promoting urban studies through deep and long term partnership with public and private institutions.
  • Take part actively to the public debates dealing with urban issues.
  • Reassess the global scale of urban issues through dedicated partnerships and contributions.

Dominique Lorrain and Frederic Gilli head the Chaire Ville.


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