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Presentation of the Chaire Ville

Urban issues are becoming increasingly strategic. The majority of human population now lives in cities. Economic development, sustainability, housing and transportation, social justice... whatever the subject, urban studies are at the center of the scope. This changes institutional and economical balances and leads to new political and research agendas.

A deep look at territories

The 'Chaire Ville' approach relies upon few principles.

  • Urban issues require a great variety of approaches.
  • Cities are more and more involved in international relations (people, money, firms) and this has consequences on the constitution of local agendas.
  • In the same time, each city is embedded in localness and proposes specific answers to local and global questions.

An original project

The Chaire Ville focuses on two main topics : the management of big world cities and the actors of the urban fabric. This Sciences Po Chaire aims at

  • connecting with professionals to have an insider look at the urban issues and agendas.
  • asking researchers for scientific papers on these agendas.
  • establishing new ways to look at the urban issues both in Europe and in the developing countries

A knowledge hub

The Chaire Ville aims at developing long term relations between scientific research and sponsors and partners involved in the urban fabric.

It is part of a cluster of research and activities dedicated to urban affairs in Sciences Po and can help as a hub for researchers in Paris and abroad.


Last update : septembre 18, 2008

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