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Search on the Chaire Ville website

Search engine for pages of the Chaire Ville website exclusively.

Search methods

The engine searches for words and not phrases.
Ex : If you type "urban agglomeration", the engine will find not only all pages with both words, even if they are far from each other in the text, but also pages containing one of these two words.

Words can be typed in caps or in lower case.

Search results

Pages are sorted by relevance. The degree of relevance is indicated by the number of stars.

Below the title of the page found, the search engine presents an excerpt from the text. The words you search are in bold. If they are not at the top of the page, a short text explains why.

You just have to click on the link to get access to the page. The search function of your web navigator (Edit > Find) enables you to find in the page the word you search.


Last update : septembre 18, 2008

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